A Holiday home of your own ? ........

A dream ?

Not necessarily so !

Owning your very own 'getaway', 'hideaway', 'retreat', call it what you will, is now even easier and not as expensive as you might imagine with new basic caravan prices starting at as little as 14,995. Just think, your very own holiday home in the Heart of England, there for you to use as and when you please. Explore the surrounding area, visit the local attractions or simply relax amidst the very best of English countryside.

At Greenacres, we can accommodate the most modern of caravans. Our 'season' begins in mid March and extends until the end of October in any one year.

Click on the images below to visit the following manufacturers web sites and experience first hand the great models and ranges they currently produce. At Greenacres we are able to supply any of the models detailed. Please contact us for a firm price on any particular model as due to material and labour fluctuations throughout the year, prices may vary slightly (down as well as up !).

The purchase of a holiday home is of course a big decision and a fairly large responsibility. Greenacres is a member of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association and as such you may rest assured that the purchase, siting and use of your new holiday home will be conducted and regulated in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the B.H. & H.P.A. This applies equally if and when you ever wish to sell your holiday home. To visit the B.H. & H.P.A. web site, click on the image or the above highlighted text.

Greenacres is proud to be associated with Lloyds Caravan Sales Co. Ltd., Bridlington Caravan Centre and Highfield Caravans being our principal suppliers of new and high quality used holiday homes. To visit their web sites, click on the images below or the above highlighted text. We do from time to time, offer new and previously used static and touring caravans on site. Those currently offered and available are as follows:












**PREMIUM PITCH AVAILABLE** For a new 12` wide holiday holiday home up to 33` in length - Call for details. Please note that we may consider the admission of a holiday home currently in use elsewhere subject to inspection, application and payment of an admission fee.

2004 (Used) - BK Bluebird Calypso 28 x 10 - two bedroom - 8,995

2003 (Used) - Delta Caernarfon 23 x 10 - one bedroom - 7,995

1998 (Used) - Willerby Westmorland 28 x 10 - two bedroom - 7,995

1996 (Used) - Atlas Festival 26 x 10 - two bedroom - 7,995

To view a complete list of caravans we are offering, click on the following link:


All the above caravans are sited and connected unless otherwise stated.

The following holiday homes are for sale 'off site' and are suitable for use on a site permitting admission of units previously used elsewhere or as 'self build' accommodation:


None at the moment.

Please also try: CARATECH at Saxilby, Lincolnshire - www.caratech.co.uk


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